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IceFolders Games
Drawer and application icons from "IceFolders" series. This pack contains icons for games: 1941, AlienBlaster, AlienBreed, AmiChess, Amoebax, Aquaria, Bantumi, Beastirworker, Billard, Blackjack, Chromium, Connect4, Cuyo, Diamonds, Doom, Drac, Flare, Fortis, Giana's Sisters, Giddy, Hexen 2, HyperCannon, Lf2, Lopan, LPairs, MarbleSolitarius, MorphTris, Neverball, NickyBoum, NoGo, Pingus, PrimatePlunge, Puyologo, Quake, Rocks'n'Diamonds, Soliton, Solitarius, Starfighter, Sudominator, SuperMarioBros, Tomatoes, UFO AI, VideoPokerSolitarius, VirtualGP 2, WarZone 2100, Wesnoth, XLogical, Xpired. Designed by Patrick "Patbest" Jung.
 710 kBsystem
Fast sudoku puzzle solver using optimized brute-force algorithm. Offers instant and live solving. It can also hint a single random or selected field. Written by Grzegorz Kraszewski. Source code included.
1.167 kBgames